House in Haiti Donation

Council 7077 donated $3,600 to Chalice to build a House and Latrine in Haiti.

District Deputy Sean Kelly and Council 7007 bingo workers presented the cheque to Mr. Randy Spaulding from Chalice

Randy was pleased to present the Knights of Columbus Council 7077 Logo during my recent I visited Haiti from 20 Jan to 3 Feb!

As you know, our Houses for Haiti Program is underway in our Haiti South Sponsor Site.  Our Site Office for Haiti South is in the town of Jeremie.  Sister Merilise Rochebrun, of the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec, is our Sponsor Site Director. We have 1100 children in Haiti South who are in the Chalice Sponsorship Programme. These children live in five different communities. One of the communities is Previle.  The village of Previle is located in the southwestern ridges of Haiti approximately two hours by road up the mountains from Jeremie.  Access to this mountainous region is very difficult. Inhabitants here are among the poorest in Haiti. There are 250 children in the village of Previle who are in the Chalice Sponsorship Programme.

The site completed Phase 4 of the housing program just prior to my arrival.  I was very pleased to present the Knights of Columbus Council 7077 Logo to the family of Jerfmise Jean Baptiste, an 11 year old girl who has been in the Chalice Sponsorship Programme since 2010.  Jerfmise lives in Previle with her parents, three sisters, and two brothers (a family of 8). The generosity and fundraising efforts of the Knights of Columbus covered the cost of Jerfmise’s new family home. Construction of the family’s new latrine (also funded by the Knights) will commence in the coming months.

In the attached pictures with me is Jerfmise with her mother, Glunise Francois, and four of her siblings.  Also in the picture is Chalice Site Director, Sister Merilise Rochebrun, and Mr Mars Lifaite, Housing Program Manager.

If you have any questions, please give me a call. Thank you so much to you and your brother Knights for supporting the work of Chalice and making such a difference for Jerfmise and her family!

Randy Spaulding, Human Resources Manager/International Manager for Haiti, Chalice Canada